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What Can You Expect From
Epic Kratom?

  • No Hype, Only Facts: We do not hype products in our kratom reviews. Everything you read at Epic Kratom is based on our research and honest opinion as fellow Kratom lovers. We publish it in order for you to be able to make the right product decisions.

Meet the Team

Alex Eriksson (CEO, Founder, Writer)

Alex Eriksson is the founder of Epic Kratom, a blog dedicated to all Kratom lovers that provide honest and research-backed advice on how people can treat their chronic health problems using Kratom.

Ivan Kokhno (Writer, Medical Reviewer & Editor)

Ivan is a medical doctor that has five years experience in researching and writing health-related content, SaaS companies, startups, motivation and self-growth resources. He also speak five languages. Therefore, he is able to research any topic five times better than the average writer.

Medical Reviewers

Epic Kratom's medical reviewers ensure that our content is well-researched and up to date according to current medical research. Doctors, pharmacists, nutritionists and athletes works at Epic Kratom to bring you the highest quality content possible.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

Why Was Epic Kratom Started?

We started Epic Kratom because we got tired of:

  • Mainstream doctors telling us there is nothing they can do to heal us
  • Mainstream doctors pushing addictive and damaging pharmaceuticals when healthier and safer options are available
  • Supplements that don't work
  • Dogma
  • Quackery

Epic Kratom's Editorial Guidelines

At Epic Kratom, our #1 priority is our readers. Which is why we wanna share with you our content guidelines so you better understand our aim to supply you only quality information.​

Key Points:

  • Content shall not be compromised by advertisers influence, ​which is why we run minimum ads on our site.

  • Content must be honest, accurate and researched-backed.

  • Reviews should be based on the real attributes of the product, facts and be objective, not influenced by advertisers of third party offers.

Editorial Independence:

  • Our staff are responsible for creating quality content, including articles, infographics, and reviews.

  • Reviews are based on Epic Kratom's staff’s analysis and reflect their ​opinions.

  • Staff does not receive any paid compensation from third parties or advertisers.

How We Make Money

We believe everyone should be able to treat their health issues in the safest and most healthy way possible.

But how do we make money? Some of our sponsors compensate us, which may influence what products we choose to review, but does not affect our opinions or conclusions about them. Our reviews are always honest!

Bottom line? We’re on your side, even if it means we don’t make a cent...

What Kind of Studies Are Included in Epic Kratom's Content?

We are a evidence-based website.

We include the best scientific studies on all topics we write about. Unfortunately for some, great studies might not exist.

Because of this, we will sometimes include lower-quality studies such as animal studies, and test tube studies to support conclusions.

But please be aware that these types of studies will not always apply to humans.

Animal studies often contain extremely higher dosages than human studies as well as the biological difference between mice and humans.

These studies can be suggestive to an effect, but they are in no way proof.

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