White Vein Borneo Kratom: Effects, Side Effects, Dosage

The White Vein Borneo Kratom is among the most popular strains of the plant. If you know someone who uses kratom for mental function or energy, this would likely be among their favorite strains.

It is best known for providing clean energy that even caffeine would find difficult to beat. It is a great strain to use if you want kratom’s energy and mind boosting effects but would rather not have a euphoric high.

Strain Characteristics:
Pain Relief


  • Great for increasing mental function
  • Increase in energy feels natural
  • Mild uplifting effect
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    Mood enhancement does not feel like a “high”


  • Only mild pain relief
  • Mild euphoric effect
  • Not long-lasting euphoria

White Vein Borneo Kratom Effects

  • Better Focus
    The white vein Borneo strain is best known for increasing an individual’s mental focus. It can get you into a state of focus that most refer to as “the zone”. It can also help keep you from veering away from tasks due to present distractions.

    The vein’s focus-enhancing effect lasts around four to five hours. Some might experience longer episodes of increased concentration. This usually arises from taking doses higher than what they usually take.
  • Increased Energy
    It also gives you a boost on your energy. This makes it an excellent alternative to coffee and other caffeine-based stimulants. It also does not have the jitteriness that comes together with the mental alertness and increased energy provided by caffeine.
    If you do experience similar jitters from white vein Borneo, you might be among those that are more sensitive to the plant’s effects. This is also usually the case for people who just started taking kratom or just sensitive to its alkaloids. In such cases, it is best to take a smaller amount than what you are used to or use a strain with a milder stimulating effect.
  • Increased Mental Function
    The white vein Borneo strain increases your mental cognition and executive function. This helps you retain information better so that you can more easily remember it afterwards. It helps you in making better decisions using the information that you have. This comes together with faster execution of your thoughts so you can make those decisions at a short amount of time than usual.
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    Increased Wakefulness
    The increase in mental focus and function comes together with an increase in wakefulness. It can help you get through the day even if you have slept late during the previous night.

    If dosed properly, you would not even experience the jitters you would get from caffeine stimulants. And so long as you use it properly, you would not get the addictive properties that you would experience from any dose of caffeine beverages and stimulants.
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    Improved Mood
    White vein Borneo can also improve your mood. However, it does not have the strength that you would get from red vein strains of kratom. It is just enough to provide a noticeable effect that it can help manage milder cases of depression.

    This makes the strain a great option for improving the mood if you do not want your use of kratom to disrupt your work and other tasks for the day. It is also great for keeping your use of kratom discreet. 
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    Mild Pain Relief
    This strain does not provide a strong pain-relieving effect. It is only enough to alleviate minor pains like delayed onset muscle soreness. If you have pain beyond tolerable like an average toothache or minor trauma, you should not be using this strain if you are looking for pain relief. However, if you are looking for a kratom strain that would not dull your senses, the white vein Borneo should be one of your considerations.

Which Alkaloids are Present in White Vein Borneo Kratom?

White vein kratom contains higher levels of mitragynine compared to other strains. This alkaloid is responsible for the more pronounced stimulating effect that you would get from this strain. It has been credited for the stimulating properties of the plant. The high amounts of this alkaloid in this strain explain why this strain has a higher effect in boosting focus, mental function, and wakefulness.

It does have lower 7-hydroxymitragynine compared to other kratom strains, which is why it can only relieve mild pain. It also only contains low amounts of speciogynine, which is responsible for kratom’s sedating and muscle-relaxing effects.

White Vein Borneo Kratom Dosage Recommendations

White vein Borneo kratom causes varying effects on its users due to the unique metabolism of each individual. How much you take would often depend on what you intend to achieve from taking this strain.

It is recommended that users starting to use kratom or this particular strain should start at 3 grams per dose. You can then increase the dose after 45 minutes if you are not satisfied with the improvement in your focus, mental function, energy, wakefulness, mood, or pain relief.

It is advised to avoid setting your dose above 6 grams. It should also be noted that this is not a strain primarily used for pain relief. It would have limited effects in this area. A more suitable strain should be used if this is what you are seeking from using kratom.

Most of the strain’s effects can make it difficult for you to get some sleep. So, it is advised to allot enough time for your dose to wear off a few hours before your schedule sleeping time. Most experienced users of this strain simply schedule it in the morning to avoid any complication with their sleep at nighttime.

Origins of White Vein Borneo Kratom

As the name implies, this kratom strain originates from Borneo – an island split between the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Most of the strain came from the Indonesian portion of the island.

White Vein Borneo Kratom Reviews

Most users report that they feel an increase in their energy after using it. This increase in energy does not feel the unnatural boost they would get from caffeine.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

They do report a euphoric effect. But, they say that the effect given by white vein Borneo kratom is not as pronounced and longer lasting as most strains.

There are also some users of the strain stating that they felt more willing to do tasks. They can easily do difficult ones that they would normally see as unpleasant. Some users even use it as a way to go through or recover from a difficult phase of their lives.

Lastly, there are those who use it as an alternative to medications for anxiety disorder. It is seen as a great alternative due to white vein Borneo kratom lacking any of the dangerous side effects caused by prescription sedatives for anxiety and other similar mood disorders.

Where to Buy White Vein Borneo Kratom

It is best to get any kratom product from those that use quality materials. You should also take note of where they source their kratom powder. With white vein Borneo, it is best to get it from sellers getting their kratom from Borneo – particularly the Indonesian area.

You can easily get this strain in powdered or capsule form.

The Verdict

This is a great strain if you want to use kratom to enhance your performance. It would not limit your mental function with most kratom strains’ sedating or high-inducing effect. It is also a great strain for beginners due to its milder and more manageable effects.


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