Bulk Kratom: How to Choose a Trusted Vendor

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Are you new to hearing about Epic Kratom and want to learn more about it? Or it is your first time trying to buy bulk Kratom online?

You’ve come to the right place, my friend! This article will guide you on how to spot a legit online seller of bulk Kratom so you don’t waste precious cash on a low quality supply.

What is Kratom?

Kratom sold online refers to a supplement extracted from the leaves of the Kratom tree. The Kratom tree is an evergreen that belongs to the coffee plant family. It is native to the tropical countries in South Asia.

Kratom supplement may be taken in the form of an extract, powder, tablet or capsule.

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What are the Uses of Kratom?

While some use Kratom as a recreational drug, conversely, it can also be used to actually help recovering drug dependents cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Heavy users of morphine and other pain medications as well as users of heroine have been reported to be particularly helped by the use of Kratom supplement.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.

Aside from this, Kratom has also been recognized as a natural alternative treatment against the following conditions:

How to Spot a Legit Bulk Kratom Online Seller

If you are interested to try using Kratom, you would come to find that there are a handful of sellers of this supplement online. A lot of its avid users also purchase it in bulk.

However, being new to this, there is the risk that you may end up purchasing from a vendor that sells poor quality or worse, counterfeit Kratom. This is not only a waste precious, hard earned money but a mistake that may harm your health. These are things we definitely all want to avoid!

Here are the telltale signs that a vendor you are eyeing to buy from can be trusted:

  • Given a good rating or a cited as a preferred seller by a lot of loyal customers - Do your diligent research. Don’t just immediately buy from the first seller you see or the one with the lowest price. Talk to those who have already been taking Kratom and know their recommendations.

    You may also check out online surveys to see the top rated companies.
  • Has a good and transparent refund policy - This is a good sign that the company you intend to buy Kratom from is not a fly-by-night that would suddenly fold up once you need to get back to them for concerns on your purchase.

    A refund policy is also a good indicator that the company is confident in the quality of their product. Furthermore, a refund option shows that the vendor has good after sales customer service.
  • Offers a wide variety of Kratom variants and forms - offering a wide range of options such as having the complete line up of white, red and green Kratom veins shows that the company really has specialization and expertise on Kratom products.

    Having different intake format types such as powder, capsule, tablet and extract will give you the freedom to choose the mode of administration best suited to you. All these contribute to the maximum efficacy you can get from your Kratom.
  • Quick shipping through a reputable courier service partner - A short delivery timeline comforts you that the seller really does have adequate supply on hand and you are not getting ripped off especially if your order has been paid in advance.

    It also greatly adds to the convenience of having your Kratom quickly so your stash doesn’t run out. Lastly, having a reputable courier service partner gives you peace of mind that your package will reach you in mint condition.
  • Price is reasonable or roughly at par with majority of the other sellers - You would naturally not want a vendor who charges you an exorbitant rate.

You should be careful of a seller who charges a too low and too good to be true price. This may be a warning sign that the quality is low or worse, fake. Canvass and compare prices across the available sellers.

By using pregnenolone cream or pregnenolone supplements, the levels of the compound in the body increases, and this brings about various benefits such as fatigue relief, and delay of the aging process.
  • Check the seller’s affiliation - Being a member of concerned regulatory or government organizations is an indicator of the company and its products legitimacy.

    Some examples of these organizations are American Kratom Association and American Herbal Products Association (AHPA). Is the vendor you are eyeing a member of these? Check out the vendor’s credentials on their website.
  • Having several payment options available - Being allowed to pay through different means contribute to your overall customer satisfaction experience.

    Flexibility in payment options such as via credit or debit cards, bank transfer, e-wallet or cash on delivery gives you some free rein to meet your personal budget and cash flow.
  • Proofs of quality guarantee - Scour through the seller’s website and other published news about them. Are their products lab tested for efficacy? Did they go through thorough quality control testing? Does the company employ good manufacturing practices (GMP)?
  • Has small/ sample pack SKUs available - This will allow you to try out the product first before you commit to a bulk purchase.

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Recommended Online Vendor of Bulk Kratom

Given the above criteria, do you already have a narrowed down list of where to buy your Kratom from?

To help make your decision even easier, we did our own research and we highly recommend Kraken Kratom.

Kraken Kratom meets a lot, if not all, of the criteria we have listed above. Here are their credentials to boast of:

  • Achieved the #1 rank in the reader’s survey at fingerlakes1.com website
  • Has a safe refund policy within a 30 day period
  • Has USPS as their partner courier guaranteeing same day delivery. Now that’s fast!
  • check
    Wide product range of Kratom types and supplement formats to choose from
  • check
    A bonafide member of AHPA and American Kratom Association
  • check
    Products are lab tested and have gone through quality control testing. Kraken Kratom also adheres to good manufacturing practices (GMP) standards.
  • check
    Bonus perk: Kraken Kratom has an ongoing promo run of great discounts and deals. You get all the more bang for your buck!

Ready to make your purchase? You may check out Kraken Kratom through their website krakenkratom.com.


There you have it, folks! We hope that this blog post has been very informational and helpful for all you knew into buying bulk Kratom. Here’s to wishing you better physical and mental health with the all-natural and epic Kratom!


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